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Jeez… How did so much ice cream fit in her!?
Based on the MYM episode, Mane Smelody, where we see Sunny disappear two giant triple-scoop ice creams into herself, each almost the size of her own body, without even trying:
How many more did she have room for?

safe2175065 artist:sadfloorlamp199 sunny starscout21520 oc947861 oc:torsher49 alicorn314331 earth pony446627 gecko207 hybrid31282 lizard565 original species36515 pony1603230 g575548 mane smelody310 my little pony: make your mark10979 my little pony: make your mark chapter 51674 spoiler:g532695 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark7682 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 51662 spoiler:mymc05e05310 :36951 ^^3273 artificial horn682 artificial wings3047 augmented4309 braid9918 braided ponytail748 cartoon physics1103 choker21388 colored24981 commission117429 commissioner:snowy comet57 concave belly5356 countershading814 crystal brighthouse1926 cute265870 dialogue93069 digestion without weight gain190 eating13397 emanata2896 eyelashes26659 eyes closed139071 folded wings19984 food101343 glowing19162 glowing horn29152 gluttony158 hammerspace307 hammerspace belly177 height difference2526 herbivore2840 high res407855 hooves26007 horn190896 ice cream6652 ice cream cone1172 imminent nom47 implied stuffing58 impossible fit700 large wings2958 layering error55 long mane7305 long tail5534 looking at someone16027 magic96682 magic aura9006 magic horn606 magic wings1498 mane stripe sunny7561 maretime bay915 open mouth237717 pale belly3158 passepartout1166 plewds287 ponytail27156 quadrupedal2852 questioning80 race swap21675 raised hoof69986 scrunchie617 shadow6891 shocked10121 shocked expression2169 sketch82756 slender6724 speech bubble39434 spiked choker2978 standing25069 stuffing1673 sunnybetes1845 sunnycorn1885 tail100908 talking10802 teeth21950 telekinesis39083 thick tail38 thin9911 unshorn fetlocks46818 wall of tags6656 wings223146


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