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Witch of love 💖 smol pumpkin

safe2173205 artist:petaltwinkle922 princess cadance40032 twilight sparkle357530 alicorn313885 pony1601354 unicorn537444 g42027441 alternate hair color566 candy9898 candy corn177 clothes633945 costume39095 cute265591 cutedance1602 daaaaaaaaaaaw7006 dress61955 duo169609 eyeshadow30049 female1801462 filly97307 filly twilight sparkle3441 floppy ears72922 food101221 food costume392 glowing19103 glowing horn29118 hair dye215 halloween13188 halloween costume3513 hat124143 heart76256 heart eyes29645 holiday35231 hoof shoes9747 horn189905 levitation16240 lollipop3282 looking at you259040 magic96560 makeup40313 nightmare night6141 nightmare night costume2391 open mouth237274 open smile31144 pumpkin bucket1048 pumpkin costume26 signature43930 simple background595556 smiling397038 smiling at you25216 stubby legs5 teen princess cadance1152 telekinesis39021 twiabetes15284 unicorn twilight33142 white background161439 wingding eyes40223 witch costume601 witch hat5309 younger22828


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Actually Potato
This is most excellent, I really like that twiggie’s horn is painted pumkin stem color.
YES, shake the pumpkin to get purple slushie