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“Sunset! The door said you weren’t live!!!”
Patron-voted sketch for September: Twilight coaxing Sunset to bed, but she’s live-streaming a winning streak~

suggestive193562 artist:pshyzomancer703 sci-twi31869 sunset shimmer80474 twilight sparkle363078 human254761 equestria girls260539 g42065934 black and white17934 bottle6153 breasts401183 bunny suit4064 chat335 clothes650999 dialogue96396 door5675 duo184810 female1845301 grayscale50238 implied anon1013 implied aria blaze75 implied big macintosh581 implied diamond tiara111 implied flash sentry170 implied pinkie pie1121 implied princess luna802 implied rainbow dash1615 implied rarity1630 implied scootaloo279 implied shining armor559 implied silver spoon63 implied snips34 implied sonata dusk71 implied sour sweet7 implied starlight glimmer597 implied trixie463 lesbian119817 livestream769 microphone7715 monochrome177214 pepe the frog179 reasonably sized breasts4457 room2725 ship:sci-twishimmer2897 ship:sunsetsparkle5285 shipping259243 speech bubble41517 spit take522 stocking feet2685 streaming262 stupid sexy twilight1861 text92409 unaware747


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Background Pony #913A
Oh, Sunset. Obviously it should be: “Livestream of the Midnight Sun.”
Background Pony #DE05
I am a simple man, I see Pshyzo, I click. Great pic love the hips on Twi