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“Sunset! The door said you weren’t live!!!”
Patron-voted sketch for September: Twilight coaxing Sunset to bed, but she’s live-streaming a winning streak~

suggestive185172 artist:pshyzomancer647 sci-twi30522 sunset shimmer77180 twilight sparkle349462 human233842 equestria girls248873 g41381899 black and white16728 bottle5738 breasts375468 bunny suit3573 chat306 clothes610395 dialogue88765 door5337 female1736586 grayscale47489 implied anon951 implied aria blaze67 implied big macintosh532 implied diamond tiara103 implied flash sentry163 implied pinkie pie1023 implied princess luna745 implied rainbow dash1475 implied rarity1500 implied scootaloo253 implied shining armor501 implied silver spoon57 implied snips33 implied sonata dusk64 implied sour sweet7 implied starlight glimmer560 implied trixie430 lesbian114704 livestream715 microphone7183 monochrome171489 pepe the frog177 reasonably sized breasts3711 room2272 ship:sci-twishimmer2796 ship:sunsetsparkle5101 shipping245576 speech bubble36696 spit take515 stocking feet2330 streaming240 stupid sexy twilight1609 text85267 unaware648


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Background Pony #913A
Oh, Sunset. Obviously it should be: “Livestream of the Midnight Sun.”
Background Pony #DE05
I am a simple man, I see Pshyzo, I click. Great pic love the hips on Twi