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suggestive185341 artist:bestponies319 twilight sparkle349670 oc916268 oc:doctor gumheart35 oc:gooey gum35 alicorn302523 goo2369 goo pony2291 monster pony4762 original species35057 pony1477904 comic:nurses take over12 g41925557 comic132175 comic panel280 dialogue88888 female1738468 fetish54785 hospital1806 imminent vore3079 mare702409 mawshot2615 open mouth224919 preylight1059 red nose1035 sick2064 speech bubble36768 sweat38389 sweatdrop6218 tongue out141381 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145977 uvula3064


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Background Pony #E88A
Because Celestia wanted Twilight to have a spotless record for upcoming rulership of Equestria and just as hyper sexy as her sister & herself.
Background Pony #B1E3
Could lose her medical license if Twilight isn’t safe.
Could be a good trade.
Background Pony #E88A
Gooey Gum better not try to absorb Twilight or her powers for “lewd evil goo pony things” or else, Princess Celestia will bear down upon her and gobble her up and add Gooey’s extra fat to her own already hyper boobs & butt. Then have to reform both of them for stern talking to about goo ponies way of life, and taking away Twilight’s library card for three days because she got gobbled up.