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March 20, 2020 at 3:46:14 AM UTC
Nice Day Out
Have you ever wondered what Starlight would look like wearing the hat that’s hanging up in her office? Well now you don’t have to! You’re welcome.

safe2116552 artist:the-wizard-of-art84 starlight glimmer58537 pony1477824 unicorn512034 g41925721 cap6419 cheek fluff8887 clothes611098 cute256895 eyebrows21503 female1738367 fluffy18504 glimmerbetes4705 hat119382 horn139469 lineless5331 looking at you246015 mare702350 open mouth224928 open smile26210 outdoors19726 raised hoof66561 scarf30852 scenery10090 school of friendship1717 smiling376303 smiling at you21395 solo1380768 traditional art139679 twilight's castle5268 watercolor painting3327


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I wanna go to Equestria
Man I love this artist so much. This looks like its cropped though… I wonder if he’ll eventually upload the full pic to deviantart