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Marble Pie carefully looked down at the city below her hooves, looking nervous and shy as usual, hoping she didn’t hurt any one.
“Oh, careful, careful…” Marble Pie said herself, walking slowly, still her hooves touched the ground loudly, shaking the buildings and cars, along with other vehicles, ended up being crunched under her large hooves as she continued walking while tinies moved out her way as quick as possible.
The giant mare stopped herself in the city, as she was blushing at the tinies below. Although Marble Pie was nervous about the real world as a giant, the tinies eventually greeted her nicely, waving hands at her.
“Hey, Marble Pie! Hey, Marble Pie!” Multiple people in the crowd shouted at the giant-sized earth pony, who kept feeling shy no matter her size.
“Um, nice seeing you, little ones…” Marble Pie replied with a nervous smile on her face.
Most residents have not known this huge pony in the past, but they do know is that she is from a family that has three older sisters, and the family mostly works on a farm.
“Who are you?” One tiny asked the enormous Marble Pie.
“I’m Marble Pie, a mare who is from another universe that has a family that works hard and pays off.” Marble Pie told the tinies, telling them who she is and where she is from. “I’m the youngest sister out of the four.”
“You are the youngest?” Another tiny asked.
“Indeed…” Marble Pie spoke a soft voice even though her large size and deep voice could still shatter windows all over the city, both close and far away from her.
The humans really liked Marble Pie despite the fact that her huge size was still a problem for some others who felt uncomfortable.
“Can you stay with us?” A couple tinies asked Marble Pie, who actually wanted her to stay with them in the real universe for a while, though she is not sure about accepting this offer or not.
“I don’t know…” Marble Pie replied as she was not on the same page as the rest.
Marble Pie wished she could stay with the tinies and chat, but she doesn’t feel the comfortable staying with the tinies and have an all-day conversation, and she proceeded herself forward to walk again, shaking the ground again as she moved.
“Wait, come back!” The tinies suggested Marble Pie coming back, but she did not respond. However, they still welcomed her into the city anyway, knowing how nice she is.

safe2087539 artist:gamemasterluna88 edit165345 editor:jaredking779244 marble pie7926 earth pony409979 pony1446501 cute251836 female1708346 floppy ears68997 giant pony5722 giantess5807 hair over one eye12133 highrise ponies896 irl81197 macro14222 mare683162 memphis11 nervous8049 photo93225 ponies in real life6415 raised hoof65220 smiling366212 solo1359051 story included12078 tennessee17


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