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I don’t know where this stupid idea came from.

safe2086080 artist:chopsticks714 applejack194097 earth pony409346 pony1444859 applejack's hat13143 bandana6824 cheek fluff8650 chest fluff59997 cowboy hat23820 dialogue87023 ear fluff45973 female1706830 hat116670 looking at you239404 ponytail24989 scuff mark55 simple background556196 solo1357902 talking to viewer5184 text83509 white background147355


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Rice pone
@Background Pony #C633
It seems like something AJ might say to Rarity after hearing her rant something about fashion.
Wasn’t exactly sure how to explain the specific effects on the eyes, so this is just my entire process.
For the eyes, in the draw/sketch layer I mark out the circles I intend for the iris and in the color layer I fill it black and the sclera (white of the eyes) I fill it with an off-white tint of gray.
In the eye layer, I draw a thin circle for the outline of the iris using a slightly darker color of the eye. Then I have a paintbrush tool that applies multiple thin lines I use for bands in the iris, but for a quicker sketch I just use a pen tool and draw individual bands instead. I then draw the true eye color in single lines all the way around the iris on most art pieces if it’s not a sketch. I sometimes choose to drop this if the eyes are close or might be high def (in which case I draw the looping bands in the eye one-on-one, but I rarely do that).
The edge of the bands around the pupil (inner black part of the eye) are “smeared/blurred” with a smudge tool, giving a very faint eye color reflection on it while smoothing out the hard outline. Then I use a unique, scatter effect of tight clustered stars in one brush to rim half the center of the color bands with a much brighter color sample of the eye color. A black outer edge remains from the upper draw layer for depth, though I sometimes leave it too thick. I erase parts of the edge covered by hair as a stylistic choice to show hair as not thick lumps of color.
I mark the inner reflection with a ‘hard’ spray brush to show direction of eye focus (I know that’s technically not correct, but I really like the way it looks for some reason). A light spray is applied around a rim edge of the pupil, further adding to a smooth illusion, hiding tiny mistakes and adding more reflection.
Depending on the character or context (usually cute/shy/young characters), I might add tiny white star dots in a different spray effect tool. I did it here for innocence, I normally wouldn’t on AJ. A small, white cross is used somewhere low just off-center for sharp reflection effect.
On the second topmost layer, the shading layer, I apply a thin spray of black around the edge of the eye, plus by any hair lines or objects that hang over the eyes, and I use a smoothing smudge tool to break it up and erase what spills over the face (unless the character is disturbed or portrayed tired with insomnia, like my OC, Pinkamena, or Twilight Sparkle), then spillover is smudged with a spraying smear on fur. I would use a smoother tool for skin.
On the topmost light effect layer, I use a soft, pure white spray tool to accentuate the angle of the eye(s) direction of focus, and then mark it with a very tiny, thin black triangle. The sharp white against the off-white tint of gray gives additional reflective shine. I also add an additional raking of white on an edge to try simulating the curvature of the round eye being touched by light. I finish by dotting and leaving a thin line of white on the bottom for wetness of the eye, though usually barely unnoticeable. I don’t do it or most shading in sketches.
Sounds like a lot, but it’s actually the quickest and easiest thing I do. When I work on one eye, I immediately do the same step to the other. Hopefully I don’t forget something and try keeping them more consistent.
Background Pony #C633
“Out of everypony Aj, I expected this from Pinkie and RD but from you? For shame.”
Also, how do you get the eyes to look like marbles/glass?
Background Pony #06AD
They leave the hole uncovered so I guess they’re crotchless neck panties.