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Maple couldn’t resist, so now she is Sonata’s footslut~

suggestive182709 artist:kenaga391 sonata dusk15888 oc899712 oc:maple cake246 earth pony408477 anthro338564 plantigrade anthro47151 3d114126 bedroom eyes77360 breasts367984 clothes598026 couch11574 dialogue86939 earth pony oc23391 eyeshadow26310 feet51753 fetish53615 foot fetish11011 glasses83526 indoors6647 looking down13334 makeup35737 micro11366 nail polish10875 pants20637 shirt36389 short sleeves236 sniffing1094 soles6457 source filmmaker64696 toenail polish2093 toenails867 toes8774 underfoot453


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So what if it turned out that Maple Cake came from a place like Lilliput and everyone there was as small as her? Whenever I see “m*cro” images, that seems to usually be my first thought unless a size change is explicitly mentioned.
I’m not trying to sound like I’m mad or anything, but I’m just curious.
Background Pony #7023
But how is she being babysat as an adult? Is it a sibling dynamic that’s persisted into adulthood or is Sonata the RA of her floor in a college dormitory? Or is there something else?