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“It looks like I have entered another place… again.” Raspberry Latte sighed, being in another city where she’s never been before. “But, at least this place isn’t so boring either.” She said.
The tinies on the streets jumped out the way as the giant unicorn stomped her hooves to the ground.
“I hope they got a library across this city.” Raspberry Latte thought about searching for a library in the city since she is technically a librarian and she hoped the tinies can help her find her a bookstore.
When the giant unicorn turned herself back around at the tinies down below her, she asked them, “Um, pardon me, would you mind telling me where the bookstore is?”
“We certainly don’t even know where the library is at the moment.” One woman replied.
“Pretty sure that this city has a library, bookstore, whatever you people call it, somewhere around this city.” Raspberry Latte told the tinies, finding the tinies telling her a lie. “I’m a bookseller, and you little creatures should know that this place has a bookstore all over the town. It’s not like you have any libraries in the first place.”
“It should be either towards the left or the right.” Another woman told the unicorn, giving her some advice on the path to find the library.
Raspberry Latte puts her hoof under her chin and was wondering for a moment the advice the tinies given her. “You could be right… or you could be wrong.” Raspberry Latte said, feeling neutral whether she should agree with the tinies or not agree with the tinies.
“Please, this is the truth!” The second woman argued.
“Okay, if you say so. I see we have an agreement.” Raspberry Latte said, resuming her walk and stomped again, crushing a few cars below and perhaps a few buildings, too. She kept the tinies’ promise about searching for the library, and she took the right path.

safe2115261 anonymous editor617 artist:cirillaq248 edit167651 raspberry latte76 pony1475948 unicorn511260 clothes610532 ear piercing41188 earring30943 female1736921 finland169 giant pony5784 giantess5943 glasses84990 helsinki20 highrise ponies919 irl81746 jewelry106473 macro14442 mare701359 photo94115 piercing60704 ponies in real life6495 raised hoof66482 scarf30804 solo1379649 story included12301


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