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safe2155664 artist:minusclass387 applejack198876 fluttershy256237 pinkie pie253770 rainbow dash277511 rarity215941 sci-twi31026 sunset shimmer78452 twilight sparkle354931 butterfly9613 fish3736 human241048 equestria girls253439 g42008529 applejack's beach shorts swimsuit153 applejack's hat14092 belly button108728 bikini25263 breasts385567 busty applejack13807 busty fluttershy23603 busty mane seven33 busty mane six339 busty pinkie pie14262 busty rainbow dash11127 busty rarity17419 busty sci-twi1348 busty sunset shimmer8064 busty twilight sparkle16190 cleavage46017 clothes626143 cowboy hat25228 cute263309 dashabetes12128 female1782541 fluttershy's wetsuit437 freckles43051 hairclip1745 hat122773 humane five5692 humane seven3543 humane six5242 jackabetes7876 legs11725 lidded eyes46890 long hair8101 looking at you254886 midriff24010 offscreen character51343 patreon15214 patreon logo9642 pov19720 rainbow dash is not amused1004 rainbow dash's beach shorts swimsuit95 raribetes6973 sci-twi swimsuit414 shimmerbetes5216 show accurate26477 shyabetes19037 stupid sexy applejack1244 stupid sexy fluttershy2466 stupid sexy pinkie1156 stupid sexy rainbow dash4498 stupid sexy rarity2171 stupid sexy sci-twi237 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1553 stupid sexy twilight1703 sun9089 swimsuit38639 twiabetes15191 twolight1533 unamused23768


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@Background Pony #10B8
After one knowingly suffered a concussion as they wonder what paradise is like after waking up to the sight of the mane seven especially pinkie pie wearing her corset inspired swimsuit along with applejack’s rash guard top and matching panty, sunset shimmer’s halter style bikini, SCI-twilight’s tankini and rainbow dash’s side boob crop top and active wear shorts. If paradise also includes the CMC wearing their big sister’s bikinis also drawn by the artist.
Background Pony #C5CA
Cool picture although we also have Princess Twi as well which we love it more, but keep it mind that main EqG cast is seven members actually, and Princess Twi hasn’t been around as a main EqG character post-Friendship Games