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I’m not a very good writer, but I will try my best…
Magical Misery Curse, a bad ending to Magical Mystery Cure
Twilight tried to reverse the spell on her friends, so she found the closest spell book she could find and said the words out loud. She thought it was a reversal spell, but it wasn’t. It backfired horribly, and it made things worse! Now their personalities AND colors are swapped! Let’s list these:
Fluttershy now has the colors of Applejack, and has the element of honesty. Fluttershy can say anything she wants. Fluttershy now works on a farm taking care of chickens, cows, and other farm animals. Applejack now has Pinkie’s colors and has the element of laughter. AJ is now the silliest pony around. Who’s a silly pony? You’re a silly pony! Applejack plans a party almost every day. She invites Rainbow and Rarity because she likes them. (Color scheme reference!) tiny Rarity has Fluttershy’s personality and element, kindness. Rarity likes to sing and now owns a pet rabbit named Halo. Rarity is very kind and soft spoken, so she almost never gets angry. But when she does… RUN. Pinkie now has Twilight’s colors and element, which is magic. Pinkie now tries anime-like transformation spells, but they always go wrong. Pinkie dreams of being a princess, but she knows that day will never come. Twilight has Rainbow’s colors. Along with her element of loyalty. Twilight uses her magic to clear the skies but it doesn’t always go as expected. And now, last but not least, Rainbow Fash- I mean Dash. Rainbow looks like a marshmallow Rarity now, and she is stuck with the element of generosity. Rainbow Dash now makes dresses for a living, and also wears dresses. So that means we can truly say… RAINBOW DASH ALWAYS DRESSES IN STYLE!!!! So that’s all. Bye!
TLDR: Magical mystery cure, but they’re worse
Betcha didn’t read all that
Color swaps made with
Clever Clover I’m not stealing your idea, I’m inspired and intrigued by it so please don’t think I copied. Also, all art belongs to owners

safe2208230 artist:daringdashie126 artist:kysss90173 artist:theponymuseum31 artist:xpesifeindx215 color edit9091 edit176796 vector edit4555 applejack203268 fluttershy262450 pinkie pie259588 rainbow dash284002 rarity220419 twilight sparkle362681 earth pony519641 pegasus512077 pony1638608 unicorn554858 ponyar fusion213 g42063347 magical mystery cure2920 alternate ending730 apple pie (ponyar fusion)4 determined1071 female1841674 flutterjack (ponyar fusion)4 frown37002 fusion7355 golden oaks library7172 group8390 hat127570 ibispaint x414 mane six37984 mare765649 open mouth245189 palette swap1930 personality swap305 pinkie sparkle2 rainbowty1 raised hoof72289 rarishy (ponyar fusion)1 recolor5725 sextet484 shy6495 smiling410174 story included13406 twilight dash2 unicorn twilight35252 vector90766


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Clever Clovers
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Element Of Luck
I like how you actually were inspired by Magical Mystery Crash!
Honestly, I’m honored you decided to make your own take on my story. I don’t think you “copied” or “stole” it at all, you just took my idea and added your own spin to it, I like it!
All in all, I approve of this.