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safe2154273 artist:krista-21102 derpy hooves57054 pinkie pie253605 earth pony437840 pegasus487899 pony1582213 g42006893 balloon12929 basket4342 cloud42561 cute263215 derpabetes3696 diapinkes12510 duo164347 duo female29573 eye clipping through hair13822 eyebrows23345 eyebrows visible through hair10889 eyes closed137037 female1780956 flapping936 floating5705 flying54220 grin61984 heart74630 heart balloon425 high res406174 in a cloud1 mare728154 mouth hold23500 nose wrinkle3861 open mouth233052 open smile29406 signature42636 sky22612 smiling389847 spread wings91915 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky1098 wings216906


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Tactical Muffin
Careful, Pinkie, your mane can turn yellow.
Now as I think about it, Derpy is very similar to Surprise the pegasus.