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Thought he'd go back in time, get a photo of his mom to remember her by, and then….
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Pole dancing, porn star, stripper, they're all important jobs. They bring joy to others, I don't see what there is to be ashamed about that. So long as they're happy doing it that is.

I got a friend who got into a situation like this. He thought his mom works in a cubicle at some small office somewhere. When he turned 18 and was treated by close buddy at a mature site just to accidentally discover that his mom was the star.


We never heard from him again. Relatives assumed that he killed himself, his close friend is still frantically searching for him till this day… the incident happened 2 yrs ago.
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…so wait his mom is/was a Stripper Alicorn?…Damn that had to have been one hell of a childhood.