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Lore time, yay:
**It was the midst of the Equestrian War and Equestria has gotten more and more divided due to corruption. A young Pegasus, who’s real name is Cloudy Misty, but at this point, refused to answer by that name and already referred to herself as Shatter, has been relatively sheltered in the last few years since her parents died during an ambush. The former Equestrian Princess, Twilight Sparkle (she was in retirement) took Shatter in and cared for her, but the horror of the aftermath and getting a taste of reality damaged Shatter beyond repair. Twilight did her best to provide the best care for the young mare, but by the early teens, Shatter thought she needed no help and decides to live on her own. All the former Princess could do was watch and let the young pony do as she pleased, assuming that the young mare would come to her senses, but after Shatter left, she never came back. **
After Shatter left Twilight and left the coastal town, she faced reality and realized how broken Equestria has become. This was before Twilight activated the unity spell with the crystals she made decades back so every pony had magic. Shatter finds herself in a shady town and immediately finds ponies she thought were friends. She lived the life of crime; engaging in robbery, stealing, illegal drug use, and drug dealing, all while doing what she was told by her supposed friends. But that would quickly change after the ponies took advantage of her. One day, Shatter couldn’t complete the task the ponies wanted and she faced a severe beating. They kicked her, pinned her down, and got punched, the young mare, having no fighting skills was rather helpless and could do nothing. She was badly injured at the end and those supposed friends abandoned her.**
This would basically be the catalyst of why Shatter joined the Deceptive Pony faction and trained to be a great fighter, but also a hunter, tracking down targets and taking them into custody. From the outside, she seems like a shitty pony and doesn’t care for the victims. But the truth is, she’s just committed to her job and apart of the job is to not show emotion, which she already doesn’t. She isn’t deranged or near insane.
Equestria at this point has long since been out of the Golden Age period and there’s corruption everywhere. Generally, no pony is truly united anymore. This what would cause Twilight and the Auto ponies to create a shield around three unaffected cities in a wide radius and the innocent ponies would be sent there. The Earth Ponies in Maretime Bay, Unicorns in Bridlewood, and Pegasi in Zephyr Heights. This event would happen a couple years after Shatter got severely beaten and abandoned by the gang ponies.
A lot of the other ponies in the faction have a history of being criminals, misunderstood, and low ranking. They usually joined so that they could be equal and feel powerful.
Shatter is in a way villain, but isn’t a major one. But she has had villainous roles in my verse. Things are not as they seem.
No fetish talk!! I know you fetishists and degenerates associate this character with some cough cough things…But this is not welcome on this post. There’s more to me then drawing…things.

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