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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Fuck you. Seriously. This really pisses me off.

We don't like MLP just because it's girly. Hell, most bronies like it despite it being girly. The girlyness is not a selling point for most bronies.

Most people like the show because of its likeable characters. its high production values, its surprinsingly deep backstories and so forth.

Don't tell me what a "true pony fan" should like or not like. The reason most people seem to despise Equestria Girls so much is because it seems to fall back into the girly stereotype that made G3 so awful; it lacks substance and seems to be made only to sell a new brand of toys. Now, we don't have proof for that yet, but up until now, it seems to fall perfectly into that niche.

To make a long comment short: Go to hell. Stop telling us what to like. You obviously misunderstand this fandom, so go swallow a garden hose, for all I care.
I really didn't expect to have to explain something like that on a website directed at bronies.

They look more awesome and awesome!
Come on guys! You like ponies, so you need to love girly stuff!
If you a true pony fans, you need to love this
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I'm hoping the final designs for the special are closest to the ones on the left, though I like some of what they did for the ones in the middle. (E.g. the pony ears, to establish that these are anthros and not just oddly colored humans.)

The ones on the right, though… shudder.
Mr. Horrible

I'm not incredibly worried about those ugly new artworks (and they ARE ugly, yeesh) because those are way too detailed to be representative of how they'd actually look in animation. Those are probably just the stock images they'll be using in ads and on toy packages and whatnot. The ones in the left-hand columns are probably closer to how the actual show will look.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I showed the new designs to a middle aged woman I work with today (she knows I'm a brony). She had one word to describe their apperance: Slutty.

@Background Pony
That won't happen. MLP is still making them alot of money just from the intended demographic. Plus, Hasbro acknowledged We Love Fine as one of their best 3rd party retailers. Even if they cancel it, it will still have an amazing legacy.
Background Pony #0972

Agreed 100%

But what I will really hate is if Hasbro makes the $h*t-brained logic of:
bronies like mlp= make show for more adults
show fails miserably=bronies stop liking mlp=cancel mlp completely

That's when it will really hit the fan.
Background Pony #BB89
Serious question:

If EG turns out to be bad (and it's looking that way), how badly is this going to be pirated?
Background Pony #0AA4
All these "human" designs are pretty darn bad.
Yet it seems it only got worse since the first design,
They look like a bunch of bratz dolls now

The design is really creepy, but at this point I got over it and I'm actually looking forward to it. We still haven't seen them animated either.


Not looking like Monster High at all…G

Yeah, the first designs were the better ones. Mainly for the lack of the distracting cheek marks, and the really waifish thin physiques.