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Professor: WOOOHOOOO!! YEAH! I TOLD you could do it, Sunny! Everypony already has bit of musical spirit inside them! You just gonna find it!
Sunny’s Co-activist: Oh my hoofness! We actually pulled it off! Even without hours of practice! I don’t know how we did it! I think I’m gonna faint…
Deputy Mare: Oh door Celestia’s sakes! You ponies do dance and song numbers ALL the time, in spite of having none of the practice done before-hoof!! Why does it matter if you didn’t copy the exact same choreographic dance routines you picked out??!
You ponies have been doing this kinda schtick for decades, and yet you pretend you have NEVER done this sort of thing before! It’s like an innate talented latent trait that only us ponies possess or something…
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Background Pony #FE54
That’s a really interstellar new mane six group shot after them perfecting their dance without missing a single beat! Apart from that G4 episode She’s All Yak.