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commish! ^v^

safe2208409 artist:rileyav807 aria blaze12332 sonata dusk16606 human253903 equestria girls260266 g42063432 bed hair357 blushing281523 clothes649547 commission121310 cup9281 duo183417 duo female35340 feeding1690 female1841827 lesbian119621 looking away5851 loose hair2501 meme95059 open mouth245214 open smile34355 pride month1005 ship:arisona512 shipping258765 shirt42263 smiling410229 teacup4149 tsundere3511


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@Luminous Comet
Usually unless otherwise specified, sister is assumed to mean a familial relationship, biological or adopted, so to me personally that’s how I see them.
Not that it’s stopped anyone in the fanbase of course.
Luminous Comet

This is a late response, but I believe Adagio refers to them as her sisters only once, in the comics.
The canonisity of the comics is debatable, but what exactly she means is also never clarified.
“Sisters” could refer to blood relation, but also adopted siblings, an expression of solidarity, or maybe members of the same coven or sorority, if that’s something sirens do.
TL;DR I don’t think their exact relationship is ever specified and “sisters” could mean a number of things.
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“Pride Month” can be reduced into a rainbow “Demon” and rainbow “Emo”.
Man, I want both those shirts.
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