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safe1598749 allie way556 aloe2474 amethyst star2353 apple bloom47096 applejack161138 applejack (g1)590 aunt orange339 babs seed5578 berry punch6188 berryshine6180 big macintosh26868 blossomforth1389 bon bon15556 braeburn6017 bulk biceps3266 caramel2360 carrot cake1978 carrot top5200 cheerilee9476 cherry jubilee1031 cloudchaser3725 cloudy quartz1238 cookie crumbles947 cup cake3859 daisy2303 daring do6183 derpy hooves48373 diamond tiara9750 dinky hooves4212 discord29168 dj pon-328225 doctor whooves10317 fancypants1805 firefly1660 fleur-de-lis3338 flitter2905 flower wishes2172 fluttershy201220 gilda9182 golden harvest5199 granny smith5083 hoity toity945 hondo flanks491 igneous rock pie824 iron will1289 king sombra12947 lightning dust4307 lily1860 lily valley1858 lotus blossom2628 lyra heartstrings28221 mayor mare3095 minuette5487 mosely orange137 ms. harshwhinny2243 neon lights837 night light2064 nightmare moon15995 nurse redheart3340 octavia melody22769 parcel post116 photo finish2512 pinkie pie205781 posey677 post haste116 prince blueblood3871 princess cadance30751 princess celestia90414 princess luna94768 queen chrysalis33049 rainbow dash222274 rarity172309 rising star828 roseluck4766 rumble3794 sapphire joy359 sapphire shores975 scootaloo49293 screw loose540 screwball1415 shining armor21870 silver spoon6221 snails5136 snips4056 soarin'13381 sparkler2203 sparkler (g1)271 spike75019 spitfire12807 sunshower raindrops2260 surprise2878 sweetie belle46914 sweetie drops15561 thunderlane3813 time turner10313 trixie63370 twilight571 twilight sparkle285872 twilight velvet3927 twinkleshine2056 uncle orange277 vinyl scratch28227 zecora8867 oc615741 oc:fausticorn1502 alicorn202299 changeling41985 crystal pony4235 earth pony210230 griffon24724 pegasus251547 pony868017 unicorn278341 carrot cup272 cookieflanks177 cutie mark crusaders18193 dice game37 everypony371 exploitable meme32963 fancyfleur179 female1271649 g1 six81 male337977 mane six30088 night guard1688 nightvelvet356 quartzrock344 royal guard7090 shiningcadance2387 shipping186079 sibsy444 straight126112 vinylights204


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Economist -

21(Vinyl), 95(Firefly), 89(Nightmare Moon). Well this makes things incredibly easy for me. Vinyl gets the love potion, Nightmare the moon potion, Firefly the mystery potion. The potion's effect is MOOOOON. Eh, it probably would've just complicated things if it was a love potion so I suppose it works out.

Bulk Biceps

I place my bet on lil Rumble for the toss, and send Biceps to the moon (sorry almost any other context I would've tried with you but I don't want to choose to separate two bros deliberately :()

And the result of the toss is… HEADS ! Hurray, Rumble and Thunderlane both stay (well it's true that Rumble is now in love with somepony the age of his big bro, but hey :D hurray for brotherly love !)

3-Sapphire Shores
and my mystery potion is a Banishment potion.
Well, I hope Rumble and Sapphire get along well on the moon, Lyra and I are going to the spa!
Background Pony #C342
Pinkie's Dad, Silver Spoon, Fleur De Lis

Fleur De Lis- Love
Silver Spoon- Banish
Pinkie's Dad (Unmarked)-Banish
Background Pony #C342
Aunt Orange, Doctor Whooves, G1!Applejack

Doctor Whooves- Love
Orange- Banish
G1!Applejack (Unmarked)- Love
Background Pony #9426
Cheerilee, Roid Rage/Snowflake, Shining Armor.

Shining Armor- Love
Snowflake- Banish
Cheerilee- (Unmarked) Banish (woops)
Background Pony #9426
Carrot Top, Applejack, Sombra.

Carrot Top- Love
Sombra- Banish
Applejack-(unlabeled) Banish (Sorry Applejack)

Queen Chrysalis Minion
Nightmare Moon, Pearl, and Big Mac
Nightmare Moon — Love (no she's not going back to the moon)
Pearl — To The Moooooooon!!!
Big Mac — Love
Revenant Wings
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Not-So-Stoic Royal Guard
Roll 3: Shining Armor, Spitfire, Berry Punch
Spitfire — Love
Berry Punch — Moon
Shining Armor — Unlabeled (coin flip: heads — love)
Background Pony #331D
Gilda is going straight to the moon. (yes!)
Spitfireis getting the love potion. (yes!)
Neon Lights is getting the unlabeled; coin flip is heads, so he's in love with me. (um… I'm not sure…)
Revenant Wings
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Not-So-Stoic Royal Guard
Roll 1: Doctor Whooves, Twilight Sparkle, Roseluck.
Twilight Sparkle — Love
Roseluck — Moon
Doctor Whooves — Unlabeled (coin flip: heads — love)

Roll 2: Nightmare Moon, Princess Cadence, Roid Rage/Snowflake
Cadence — Love
Roid Rage — Moon
Nightmare Moon — Unlabeled (coin flip: tails — moon).
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Mr. Cake, Scootaloo, and… a pre-G4 Applejack? Is that what #97 is?

Applejack — Love
Mr. Cake — Moon
Scootaloo — Unlabeled (coin flip: heads, love)
Background Pony #464D
08. Princess Luna — love
41. Carrot Cake — unlabeled (banish)
57. Post Haste — banish