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“Things may come and things may go
Some go fast and some go slow
Few things last, that’s all I know.
But friendship carries on through the ages…”
On this day in 2013, the first Equestria Girls movie was introduced to the world. Some of the greatest songs and fan-favorite characters have come from this tie-in to the My Little Pony franchise, more often than not, one-upping the quality of something coming from Friendship is magic even.
In 2020, Equestria Girls fizzled into an unceremonious end, cast aside to pave way for another generation of pony…
I only wish I could do more to glorify this franchise that has brought me so much inspiration and success these past few years. If Ponies is what got me started, then EqG is what keeps me hooked, and I do not see myself ceasing to draw these characters anytime soon.
These are my girls, and I love them ❤
This is actually an expanded/updated/remake/remastered version of the very first Equestria Girls piece I ever posted publicly. As you can see, the roster has been expanded to include the major representatives; some fan-favorite foils, the core mainstays and the honorary “Mane Six” members.
Also as a sidenote, I almost never post anything to derpi personally, but since there’s an art event thingy regarding what I specialize in, I figured I’d indulge ^^.
Hope you Enjoy, and Here’s to 10 Years!

safe2172833 artist:lennondash148 adagio dazzle16015 applejack200322 aria blaze12132 flash sentry15074 fluttershy258414 juniper montage1720 pinkie pie255607 rainbow dash279705 rarity217418 sci-twi31319 sonata dusk16401 spike92349 starlight glimmer59944 sunset shimmer79062 trixie79522 twilight sparkle357473 wallflower blush3023 dog13529 human245106 equestria girls 10th anniversary377 equestria girls255657 g42027280 boots33343 clothes633846 collar shirt69 cutie mark on clothes5949 female1801162 glasses88601 gradient background25106 grin62926 hat124114 hooded sweater3 humane five5743 humane seven3576 humane six5289 leg warmers3670 looking at you258974 looking back86446 looking up24001 male550224 one eye closed45685 pants22352 puffy sleeves1227 ripped pants935 shirt40364 shirt with a collar88 shoes59323 skirt55491 smiling396949 spike the dog3024 sweater19561 tank top10882 teenager7348 text89479 torn clothes6955 twolight1566 wink32895


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>> “This is actually an expanded/updated/remake/remastered version of the very first Equestria Girls piece I ever posted publicly…”
Also here in Derpibooru too, you know. Here for my following favorites; Sci-Twi (obviously), Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Starlight Glimmer and Juniper Montage.
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@Background Pony #836B
It’s a pity they mistreated the EG franchise like they did.I think it deserved a proper conclusion with a well-structured plot. Instead they interrupted the series abruptly and tried to merge it with the main show by making Sunset appear during Twilight’s coronation in the last episode. I guess Hasbro really wanted to put an end to G4 as quickly as possible. 😢