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safe2171913 artist:bobthedalek1080 starlight glimmer59922 pony1600027 unicorn536873 g42026786 alternate hairstyle37841 atg 2023765 camera5199 canterlot archives5 caught4385 disguise7247 fake wings1124 female1799999 file131 file cabinet72 glowing19063 glowing horn29093 gritted teeth19366 horn189249 mare739297 nervous sweat578 newbie artist training grounds8339 not twilight sparkle737 offscreen character52172 paper-thin disguise172 sign5224 solo1424128 starlight sparkle51 sweat40465 sweatdrops2071 teeth21835


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From the source:
EQD ATG 13 - Day 4:
“Draw a pony on a secret mission/Draw a pony being sly as a fox”
Starlight soon found her disguise was too good. There was so much about Twilight she wished she could unlearn…

The royal Noodz file, though since they’re just as uninhibited as everyone else in this gigantic nudist colony…
Maybe it’s Sunny boy’s noodz, though what she needs them for when she already has access to his magic wand is beyond me.