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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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PART 1 - >>3138552
PART 2 - you are here

safe2155096 artist:platinumdrop1331 apple bloom59612 babs seed6341 derpy hooves57077 earth pony438189 pegasus488258 pony1583081 comic:barnyard delivery2 g42007494 3 panel comic404 accident1547 angry36272 apologetic93 apology314 apple20987 apple tree4240 bag9394 barn4423 bully813 bullying834 clothes625889 comic134179 commission114918 crash893 crying54977 delivery157 dialogue91130 dirt1177 dirty2346 disheveled18 ears back4028 envelope443 farm853 female1781929 filly96270 floppy ears71952 flying54269 flying away29 foal42939 folded wings18935 food100018 gritted teeth19119 hay1966 hay bale1573 i just don't know what went wrong447 mailmare1448 mailmare uniform174 mare728746 messy2724 messy mane10575 muffin7464 open mouth233274 outdoors20756 running away426 sad31144 sad pony331 speech bubble38188 spread wings92048 sweet apple acres3836 talking10512 tears of sadness180 teeth21110 tree48324 trio25403 trio female5401 uniform16266 wings217221 wings down667 yelling4257


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