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safe2155598 artist:monphys28 twilight sparkle354919 alicorn310367 pony1583510 g42008482 chest fluff64012 clothes626118 crossover72676 crossover shipping4068 duo164729 female1782466 floppy ears71976 hoodie20317 male543544 mordecai859 mordetwi548 regular show1153 shipping251425 straight176796 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148118


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Background Pony #0201
I know that. I just hate the Airplanes meme particularly, not MordeTwi or the fact that artists hop on a bandwagon.
Personally, it’s just mind-hurtingly ironic that artists who made exceptional MordeTwi art are more unappreciative or even ashamed of their own work, than those that made (no offense, but I’m aware these are strong words) derivative, stereotypical or generic MordeTwi (re: Airplanes reference) art.
Background Pony #0201
Oh. That was from 2021? Nevermind then. Sorry ‘bout that, though I didn’t mean to offend you. My contention is the oversaturated popularity of Airplanes, and I just hate the meme itself.
It’s nice to hear that you’re proud of your work, though. Most artists aren’t even proud of the work they’ve made with MordeTwi in it, even when it’s objectively great, not derivative, and/or is highly praised or well-received. Like, it was their choice to make MordeTwi content; why didn’t they just leave it alone if they don’t like it, right?
Artist -

@Background Pony #0201
dude i think you need to calm down and understand one simple thing - its just a meme. This work i drew in november 2021 and decide to leave it here just because i love this work, and i can. I think mlp is about love and friendship not that kind of shit you talk.
Background Pony #0201
It’s just another Airplanes meme shit and people are eating this up? It’s not even funny, and it’s not original at this point.