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safe2211205 artist:llish4 hitch trailblazer14484 izzy moonbow22496 misty brightdawn9310 pipp petals22012 sunny starscout22634 zipp storm17780 earth pony520856 pegasus513502 pony1641511 unicorn556191 g579615 my little pony: tell your tale26612 alternate hair color640 bracelet16345 clothes651000 coat markings14913 crown31081 dress63772 female1845306 formal wear351 freckles45879 glasses91201 gradient mane2947 hat127875 high res410106 hoof heart2288 jewelry118035 light gray background17 male565160 mane five4388 mane six (g5)1119 mane stripe sunny8056 mare768015 necktie11751 rebirth misty4333 regalia38058 simple background616167 socks (coat markings)8933 stallion202214 tell your tale accurate70 tongue out151141 tuxedo1980 underhoof70716 unshorn fetlocks49503 upside-down hoof heart529


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Background Pony #81CB
I still don’t understand why Mane 5 with Misty is ““alternate new mane six (g5)” and Mane 5 with Sprout is ““new mane six (g5)”… It should be the other way around. Misty is literally part of the group not Sprout, mane5 still doesn’t even like him…
Amazing fanart by the way, I love show accurate drawings ;)
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I was wondering if this was some sort of group cosplay, but I guess not, it’s just the New Mane 6 dressing up - I love it
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