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Starlight Glimmer icon 2 :Things do get a lot easier after having friends~ :D
Twilight: *Stunned*
Based on My Little Pony S05E26

safe2152155 artist:vanillafox2035158 starlight glimmer59308 twilight sparkle354409 alicorn309615 pony1580024 unicorn527767 g42004867 the cutie re-mark3511 20151213 blushing268325 book42915 bottle5900 cute262857 cutie map905 cutie mark51523 duo163988 female1778554 glimmerbetes4747 looking at you253981 magic95401 mare726899 old art3436 one eye closed44949 pure unfiltered evil1974 telekinesis38526 tongue out144653 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147888 twilight's castle5444 wink32485 winking wanker2


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Background Pony #AF90
Twilight probably thinks Starlight is flirting with her by pinching her flank.
Background Pony #B193
I realize now that damn she is a very high level unicorn. Recall, Twilight Sparkle couldn’t even manipulate cutiemarks let alone remove them. So Twilight called it correctly, Starlight is one badass mare. <3
Background Pony #3DA8
“You fools! I was only playing nice so that I could get close to you and steal all of your cutie marks!”