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Derpy’s toy is published on YouTube 10 years ago today.

safe2174334 artist:alstiff31 applejack200472 cheerilee11244 derpy hooves57506 fluttershy258605 pinkie pie255846 rainbow dash279900 rarity217543 oc947523 earth pony446318 pegasus496482 pony1602474 unicorn537915 derpy's toy3 g42028884 20131863 80s1273 80s cheerilee423 absurd file size3387 animated126017 apology318 artifact1732 blindfold5711 blushing274102 broken1021 brony history345 bronybait3391 colt20482 crying55471 cute265745 derpabetes3749 female1802678 filly97363 filly applejack797 filly derpy241 filly derpy hooves95 filly fluttershy992 filly pinkie pie628 filly rainbow dash1593 filly rarity598 fixed323 flying55062 foal44181 janitor97 magic96625 male550707 nostalgia780 note696 ponyville schoolhouse789 sad31360 sad pony336 sandbox64 sound17006 stallion195681 sunset7758 telekinesis39060 toy25420 webm25825 wrong eye color1639 younger22844 youtube3170 youtube link12769 youtube video638


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