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Virus - Ruchki | animation meme
Warm up with Pinkie Pie!
Version without clothes in Patreon\Substar

suggestive192599 artist:hornyforest266 pinkie pie258424 earth pony514859 anthro365392 g42053755 3d124794 animated127569 breasts397386 busty pinkie pie14577 cleavage47477 clothes644819 dancing11351 female1829309 implied masturbation1110 looking at you264812 lotion519 music4681 shorts19994 solo1445588 solo female237634 sound17348 sports5687 sports bra4843 sports shorts1689 tissue box317 webm26483


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Background Pony #512B
I wanna see your hands – – (Actually”Where are your/are hands” again, but for rhythm…)
Let’s go lift up are hands – – or Come on let’s raise are hands
And start a party dance. – – (“Party” only for rhythm, it coud be “and have a little dance” but this song about mob dannce not pairs one.)
Sorry if my english is wird.
Background Pony #4E57
I thought it was a Vengaboys song in Russian until I saw the dancing lotion and tissues. Then I was like WTF is she actually singing about. Anyone could fill us in?
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