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Background Pony #6AF0
@Background Pony #94E5
‘Then explain to me why in Tell Your Tale, Sunny has way more control of her alicorn form than in Make Your Mark.’
Did you miss out on watching episode 49 of ‘Tell Your Tale’ named ‘Mission Imponable’?
All 4 of Sunny’s friends helped Sunny control her Alicorn powers better in that episode so that’s why Sunny has better control over it now in ‘Tell Your Tale’ than her ‘Make Your Mark’ counterpart.
Background Pony #5E6B
@Background Pony #E041
‘Wait a minute, is the Bridlewood special being carried over to ‘Tell Your Tale’ now?’
Hasbro already made it clear that ‘Make Your Mark’ and ‘Tell Your Tale’ will be in the same G5 universe even before ‘Tell Your Tale’ aired its first episode years ago. Weren’t you paying attention to the info on-line back then?
Even through some G5 fans deny it, ‘Tell Your Tale’ is in the same G5 universe as ‘Make Your Mark’. Sorry, ‘Tell Your Tale’ Haters but Hasbro already made that a fact.
Background Pony #E041
Wait a minute, is the Bridlewoodstock special is being carried over to TYT now?