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With the rectal residue that had been Glamour pushing out of the predator’s pucker, Noella had all the research material she needed. Unfortunately for the pleased pegasus, the naga was still hungry, and the two spectating siblings looked rather tasty…
A lemon done for one of my patreons PancakeBebop who wanted a story to go along with the fourth page of a sequence they are commissioning from Shoelace . Hopefully they enjoy this fourth continuation of this little saga, and the rest will be posted below as they are completed:
Part four: you are here
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A story in the source as always, please don’t repost in the comments below :)

suggestive185386 artist:shoelace50 oc916551 oc:anita snap4 oc:glamour shot4 oc:lucky gem4 oc:noella novella5 earth pony422715 lamia3076 original species35083 pegasus471100 pony1478308 blushing261540 comic132199 dead5207 disposal616 fart3004 female1738838 fetish54797 glasses85097 poop6392 pooping2879 post-vore1507 scat4587 siblings19915 sisters16683 skull4215 story in the source2773 vore18545


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Background Pony #435E
Perhaps, but I’m not sure why Karma also wanted to have Anita eaten as well.
(As far as I understand the story, Noella needed a camera mare and dragged her sister (Anita Snap) into this.)