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This made me so sad…

safe2041441 screencap272697 pipp petals14302 sunny starscout14980 zipp storm11451 earth pony388864 pegasus434835 pony1394406 g549669 my little pony: tell your tale14200 ponytropico310 spoiler:g516749 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale13016 spoiler:tyts01e52310 :<1412 adorapipp2387 animated116242 bag8192 cropped57628 crying52128 cute245461 female1662010 floral necklace99 flower34797 gif43741 hat113393 lei267 mane stripe sunny3098 mare652688 offscreen character46311 raised hoof62944 ribbon8499 royal sisters (g5)1735 sad29472 sadorable1437 siblings17275 sisters14655 solo focus25400 suitcase502 sun hat1309 sunglasses19281 talking9199 teary eyes6110 trio19962 trio female4212 unshorn fetlocks39338 visor cap40


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I’m kind of in awe of how bad it feels seeing Pipp this disappointed. This is a silly show where problems have to wrap up in 5 minutes, but they still make me care when the characters are having a bad time. I want to give her a hug so badly.