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(Anything outside of the FiM show, including season 10 and G5 are considered non-canon.)
(Updates when the author feels like it)


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are the cmc going to reform cozy or something by the way did you know I’m going try making my anime and cozy glow in it and she called cozetta Glasgow who is reformed before the prologue by the my name is manuel robins. Ps cozy is a hero and a main character like nautica and lycoris and it take place before mlpfim and after and if you want to know how cozy came to be in the 21th century time travel and my anime I’m going to call it nautica lycoris and cozetta every cozy glow through every dimensions and timelines is destined to be reformed but if you want to help me make my anime I can have you on board I just need to get in contact with Hasbro if you want i can have your cozy in my anime and you can name as long it’s starts with coz or cos and if you can make a backstory for it’s cozy glow and what made her evil please
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I guess that’ll be a mystery to chew on. I’m supposing one of the things meant by that is just why the hell that thing had such an interest in Cozy, or what it even is.
That, and/or Cozy’s nature. There might be a connection there.
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Okay, she spared Best Male Griffon, y’all are free to try and reform her now. :D
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the puzzle pieces are not all here and they wont be for a LONG while. reading the entire comic up to this point honestly wont be enough.