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In the works for a while, but here is Starlight’s Ponies with Headphones shirt. I had another version of this done before, however I felt that is came out terribly (and I’m not usually so pessimistic towards my own art). So I started again from the ground up, and this design turned out much better, especially around the facial features which was a major issue with the old design.
This is the second design in wave 2 of the Ponies with Headphones T-shirt line. There are still more designs to go, but I’ve decided to upload them one by one as their completed to give you all a sneak peak of what’s to come, and hopefully get you all excited.

safe2118220 artist:passionpanther83 starlight glimmer58562 pony1479379 unicorn512663 series:ponies with headphones16 g41929190 cel shading845 cute257215 female1739815 full body7293 glimmerbetes4706 happy42764 head tilt1412 headphones10166 looking to the right104 mare703323 music notes4530 open mouth225371 open smile26416 raised hoof66616 shading3855 smiling376917 solo1382005


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