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Rain seems to enjoy her company :)
A little quiet, but it does give Fluttershy a chance to talk more than usual!
Feat | Rain Shine / Fluttershy
#mlp https://t.co/d7CJDpxIFg

safe2116509 artist:redxbacon2273 fluttershy251925 rain shine642 kirin14502 pegasus470848 pony1477725 g41925708 blush lines437 blushing261519 chest fluff61739 cloven hooves15568 colored hooves10869 dialogue88896 duo156191 ear fluff47427 eyeshadow27593 female1738306 flustered692 fluttershine9 hug36326 leonine tail13185 lesbian114688 lidded eyes45104 long tail4497 looking at someone13165 looking away5277 lying down41723 makeup37350 nervous8259 partially open wings1693 prone33667 shipping245819 simple background568699 sitting88234 speech3602 speech bubble36765 sweat38393 sweatdrop6218 tail88738 tail hug310 talking10080 text85389 white background151649 wings207660


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