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I mean… why not? ( And this is just AU anyway )

safe2211435 artist:djkaskan171 misty brightdawn9312 opaline arcana3393 twilight sparkle363108 alicorn322877 pony1641678 unicorn556292 g42066086 g579660 the last problem8080 spoiler:g533419 alternate universe13541 blushing282165 coat markings14920 crown31088 curved horn12044 dialogue96410 embarrassed15740 eyes closed142648 female1845581 freckles45890 frown37110 high res410129 horn211705 jewelry118054 looking at someone18107 looking away5865 looking down15298 mare768142 mother and child6587 mother and daughter8762 older41444 older twilight4501 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3976 opaline arcana is twilight's daughter2 open mouth245916 open smile34632 outline2797 partially open wings2687 peytral8192 princess twilight 2.03899 raised hoof72571 regalia38066 simple background616244 sitting95539 smiling411521 socks (coat markings)8937 sparkles9775 speech bubble41532 trio28377 trio female6324 turned head2095 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151636 unshorn fetlocks49508 wings233945


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Background Pony #706C
But what about Misty being a descendant of Twilight? Opaline would be raising her enemy’s future.
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