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The Great and power Trixie: You fool you have fallen to my Brilliant trap.  
Twilight Sparkle: mmmm  
The Great and power Trixie: The Great and power Trixie will do Terrible, evil……naughty…… kinky…….(drool) things to you..  
Twilight Sparkle: 0.o
safe1972962 artist:rayodragon120 trixie74726 twilight sparkle333096 pony1324971 unicorn447131 black and white15431 bondage41040 bound and gagged1639 clothes559847 driving945 female1604752 foalnapping30 gag17526 grayscale44027 hat109063 irl78298 it's a trap216 kidnapped994 lesbian108561 mare619123 meme88895 monochrome163754 photo89378 rape van36 shipping229922 tape1914 tape gag1260 tied up7369 trixie's hat5579 twilight sparkle is not amused1773 twixie5310 unamused20685 unicorn twilight26322 van327 you fool34


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Young Leosword
He did… Until Trixie captured and hypnotized all the mane cast into her personal fuck slaves… I forget how Rayo ended that arc, but the aftermath began with Trixie in a basement wrapped in bondage tape. I assume Rayo likes kink. X3