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V4 Starlights (8/8)
((derpibooru_p_95)), (e621_p_95), solo, digital painting, 4k, a female cheerful smiling (anthro pony starlight glimmer), cleavage, breast rest on table, bedroom eyes, pony, beautiful, medium breasts, (messy long hair), (in a park on autumn), (wearing blue sweater), (warm light), teeth
Negative prompt: derpibooru_p_low), e621_p_low, sfm, blurry, mutated, deformed, ugly, bad proportions, glitch, watermark, signature
Steps: 28, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 10, Seed: 3313795558, Size: 512x768, Model hash: f9ad6f8833, Model: pony_v4, Clip skip: 2, Xformers: On
Generated locally using pony_v4.safetensors by AstraliteHeart. Upscaled with 4x-Ultrasharp.

suggestive185583 ai content12925 ai generated11945 generator:purplesmart.ai2176 generator:stable diffusion6917 prompter:diego96157 starlight glimmer58604 unicorn513383 anthro346411 g41934443 arm hooves15161 autumn2379 beautiful8055 bedroom eyes79294 big breasts120129 breasts376574 busty starlight glimmer3312 cleavage44912 clothes612392 eyeshadow27788 female1746358 grin60124 lidded eyes45271 makeup37585 seductive4856 seductive look3517 sexy43915 smiling377659 solo1383367 stupid sexy starlight glimmer756 sweater18865 tree46201


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