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trying to comfort myself drawing ponies…#mlp https://t.co/pBNhA0bWMS

safe2210208 artist:peachmichea106 pipp petals21992 zipp storm17765 alicorn322518 pegasus513077 pony1640671 g579513 adorapipp3349 adorazipp1304 alicornified7714 alternate hairstyle38984 chest fluff68204 colored wings15652 concave belly7889 crown31038 cute271140 diadem639 duo184367 duo female35640 feathered fetlocks1083 female1844088 folded wings21728 gradient wings1958 height difference2907 high res410033 hooves27216 jewelry117887 mare767279 multicolored mane5506 multicolored wings5860 peytral8166 physique difference1047 pipp is short686 pippcorn71 princess zipp storm1 queen zipp storm10 race swap22337 raised hoof72457 regalia38000 royal sisters (g5)3146 siblings23294 signature46292 simple background615649 sisters18977 slender9237 spread wings98981 thin13173 unshorn fetlocks49396 white background168447 wings233519 zipp is tall130 zippcorn27


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Pixel Perfection - Hot Pockets Spotted

Exodus's lost flock
Ascending to the status of alicorn made her the size of a regular pony at long last.
Nope, wait, she’s still an inch shorter cus the transformation is proportional.
Better luck next time, Pippy. ;p
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>princess zipp
Well my headcanon didn’t go that far yet, but I’ve always seen in her some kind of mini-Celestia (looks-wise, that is) and I guess this is just the logical next step in that
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