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SUNSET: I know it’s technically a “rabbit outfit”, but is it really necessary to wear this specific outfit for an Easter egg hunt?
TWILIGHT: It’s not required, but I think it captures the Easter spirit.
SUNSET: …It’s a Playboy bunny outfit, Twi. Just because it’s a bunny outfit doesn’t mean it “captures the Easter spirit.”
TWILIGHT: I mean, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit after all.
SUNSET: Again, not what’s implied by the outfit.
Rendered with 5 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
42 lights used in this scene (1 gobo)
Models used:

safe2173397 artist:imafutureguitarhero510 sci-twi31324 sunset shimmer79090 twilight sparkle357585 alicorn313932 classical unicorn5552 unicorn537569 anthro359459 unguligrade anthro65249 g42027523 3d122555 :i1911 absurd resolution67445 adorasexy12738 arm fluff302 arm freckles150 basket4444 black leotard70 border380 bowtie15018 bunny ears5286 bunny suit3947 bunny tail337 cheek fluff9495 chest fluff65452 chest freckles1683 chin fluff533 chromatic aberration2079 cleavage fluff995 clothes634017 cloven hooves16577 colored eyebrows1496 colored eyelashes1475 corset5719 costume39102 cuffs (clothes)1570 cute265607 dialogue in the description132 duo169673 duo female30876 ear fluff50653 ear freckles544 easter1998 easter basket283 easter egg1651 egg5492 embarrassed15301 female1801717 film grain506 fishnet clothing911 fishnet pantyhose281 fishnet stockings7829 floppy ears72938 fluffy19566 fluffy hair256 fluffy mane615 fluffy tail547 freckles43823 fur1107 gloves30103 holding5447 holiday35233 horn190026 latex18906 latex clothes100 latex corset106 latex stockings875 leg fluff5105 leg freckles235 leonine tail14097 leotard6572 lesbian117586 long hair8379 long mane7219 looking at each other34301 looking at someone15943 mare740508 matching outfits97 multicolored hair11814 multicolored mane4745 multicolored tail3282 nervous8587 nose wrinkle3903 outfit1773 paintover180 partially open wings2208 peppered bacon365 playboy bunny1045 revamped anthros1688 revamped ponies823 sci-twilicorn551 see-through7485 sexy45969 shadow6883 shiny4160 ship:sci-twishimmer2844 ship:sunsetsparkle5179 shipping254028 shoulder fluff3103 shoulder freckles1555 signature43942 sleeveless8599 smiling397084 socks95442 source filmmaker67803 stockings48443 tail100477 thigh highs59472 thigh squish94 twiabetes15284 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149060 unshorn fetlocks46679 unsure432 varying degrees of amusement249 wall of tags6636 wings222736


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Background Pony #88DD
If by “Easter Spirit” Twilight means a couple of “hungry” men, then this costume fits perfectly.
but they are both still cute
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