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dead source45313 safe2151423 artist:rizcifra100 princess celestia111718 princess luna116181 alicorn309491 pony1579299 friendship is magic3822 g42004462 adobe imageready256 cosmic love9 cute262689 cutelestia4253 duality5345 duo163857 duo female29345 eyes closed136775 feels1679 female1777819 florence and the machine10 frown35424 hug37116 looking up23553 lunabetes4325 mare726568 royal sisters6559 s1 luna8440 sad31110 sadlestia94 sadorable1601 sibling love684 siblings21081 sisterly love523 sisters17519 sitting90525 song reference4171 spread wings91584 window13532 winghug3844


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I can’t find the original DeviantArt posting anymore, but I think of this piece of art every time I hear “Cosmic Love”.