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Background Pony #D071
@Ten Rulle
That’s a tower section of the castle, not the entire city or even close. Not a single residential building was in that blast.
Background Pony #D071
@Ten Rulle
Mess with them as in making the world a practically unlivable chaos realm and straight up brainwashing. Also, Starlight was willing to enslave an entire village by her words and even attack said villagers when they rebelled. I doubt there was any other intention other then petty revenge when she decided to mess with time, which I must add, included blasting filly Rainbow Dash with a magic beam.
And frankly, the only time the trio ever showed any sort of willingness to kill was when they were facing opponents too strong at the time to simply capture. Note that Tirek never killed Twilight or the Pillars when he had the chance, Cozy never killed the guards she beat despite probably being able to and there is no proof that Chrysalis ever killed anyone even during the invasion of Canterlot.
Background Pony #D071
@Ten Rulle
Discord had no good intentions when he was messing with ponies and Starlight certainly had no good intentions when taking revenge on Twilight. Also, the trio did not expect the windigos to show up and were discussing destroying them.
Background Pony #D071
@Ten Rulle
Perhaps, but the LOD definitely should have. It would have been far better for them then stoning or Tartarus, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t come off as very fair that no attempt to rehabilitate them is made considering everything that Discord gets away with it.
Background Pony #F3E8
Ten of Swords
  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Thunder
  4. Earth
  5. Wind
  6. Sound
  7. Time
  8. Smoke
  9. Darkness
  10. Lighter
Yup! That’s all 10 Swords was here