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only thing I changed frrom the prototype eqg designs is Zipp’s hair.
I didn’t add hitch because he’s taking the picture! When they do send out the finished dolls I do hope they add Hitch though.. I know he’s a “boy doll” but kids like having a Ken with their Barbies too! T-T

safe2171629 artist:aztrial368 izzy moonbow21609 pipp petals20928 sunny starscout21432 zipp storm16882 human244827 equestria girls255526 g42026444 g575189 adorapipp3222 adorazipp1228 alternate hairstyle37830 bag9594 belly button110359 belt9349 blushing273468 boots33310 cat ears1604 cellphone8000 clothes633212 cute265391 ear piercing43602 earring32583 equestria girls (g5)32 eyes closed138719 eyeshadow29946 female1799640 fur coat276 grin62870 hairband2015 high res407632 high school168 izzybetes2683 jewelry112685 makeup40205 midriff24305 one eye closed45626 open mouth236918 phone12430 piercing63809 royal sisters (g5)2946 shoes59238 short shirt2342 shorts19556 siblings21729 sisters17915 skirt55442 smartphone5342 smiling396454 socks95271 striped socks28242 sunnybetes1828 sweater19549 tree49187 wall of tags6616 wink32860


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