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safe2114858 artist:cutesykill179 applejack195972 fluttershy251748 pinkie pie249733 rainbow dash272563 rarity212693 starlight glimmer58494 trixie78026 twilight sparkle349458 earth pony421494 pegasus469836 pony1475485 unicorn511073 g41381894 ;p780 alternate cutie mark2452 bandana6938 dot eyebrows31 ear piercing41161 earring30930 eyes closed133407 female1736547 flower37292 food97015 freckles41359 jewelry106435 looking at you245579 mane six36784 mare701075 missing accessory9913 one eye closed43882 partially open wings1681 party horn1030 piercing60674 smiling375650 sweat38352 sweatdrop6208 tongue out141197 wheat322 wings207178


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