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Page 23 - Epic Fantasy
It was all I could do not to lift this monologue straight out of Erin Palette’s writing. Fortunately, trying to fit all those details into this one page would’ve made for atrocious pacing. That’s comics for ya!
Rarity: Very well. If you’re truly that curious… Let’s be frank: I’m not the type to skulk in the shadows all night. I demand genuine social interaction. But that isn’t to say I play fair, either. Hence, I’m what you might call a “social rogue.”
Rarity: My goal isn’t to pick the pockets of commoners… it’s to pass off as one of the rich and powerful! By day, I make dresses. But by night, I craft disguises. Disguises ingenious enough to fool the high nobility of Canterlot!
Rarity: And the rewards…! If I pull it off – if I marry into the royal family…!
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, yeah, fascinating character. One problem, though. YOU’RE A WHITE MARSHMALLOW PONY.
safe1770393 artist:newbiespud1476 edit138049 edited screencap68880 screencap231491 prince blueblood4214 rainbow dash240386 rarity187290 pegasus316897 pony1030458 unicorn350804 comic:friendship is dragons1647 friendship is magic3054 season 12780 comic112473 eyes closed100044 female1419073 hooves18438 horn80890 horn ring5963 male394273 mare511341 open mouth158306 screencap comic4754 stallion118716 starry eyes3591 sunburst background991 wingding eyes23844


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