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24 versions of humanized Applejack
Which is your favourite?
Can you recognize their artists? How many?

>>2205 >>152978 >>25672 >>278475 >>27307 >>66799
>>39796 >>203201 >>204635 >>85160 >>9356 >>124392
>>41122 >>61577 >>126399 >>223670 >>61576 >>57981
>>816 >>14184 >>6408 >>46510 >>20413 >>7808

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Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash

There's her hat in all 24 of these images.
In 20 of them, it's on her head.
In 10 of them, you can see one or more apples.
But in 5 of them are just clothes decorations.
dead source23156 semi-grimdark29917 suggestive142984 artist:doxy612 artist:glancojusticar275 artist:glasmond203 artist:gomigomipomi136 artist:hazurasinner223 artist:innerd18 artist:johnjoseco4440 artist:karzahnii310 artist:maniacpaint487 artist:mauroz635 artist:megasweet3168 artist:ninjaham563 artist:pluckyninja237 artist:ric-m111 artist:rustydooks195 artist:sallymon119 artist:schpog135 artist:semehammer100 artist:suikuzu181 artist:tate-ya15 artist:the-orator100 artist:theartrix188 artist:thelivingmachine02226 artist:yanabau39 artist:zoe-productions120 edit132514 apple bloom49497 applejack169902 big macintosh28264 rainbow dash233953 earth pony248732 human154685 pony967519 ask human appledash46 apple16228 apple bloom's bow1371 applebucking thighs2115 applebutt4346 appledash6189 armpits42935 ass49131 barefoot27559 basket3081 beautiful5572 bedroom eyes59383 belly button77880 belt5517 bikini18134 blood24609 blushing197640 bow28630 bra15910 breasts277692 busty applejack10471 butt58885 canter calendar50 cheek kiss1822 cleavage34568 clothes459590 collage1394 colored19463 concept art1296 curvy6675 cute199800 delicious flat chest5198 feet39889 female1363061 fence2867 fight6148 finger gun225 food70113 freckles28873 front knot midriff1362 grin38536 hair bow15578 hat86855 human ponidox3519 humanized100070 jackabetes5968 jewelry63648 kiss sandwich203 kissing24646 lesbian96975 life in ponyville5 light skin4794 looking at you168647 loose hair1837 mare480545 midriff19320 multi-artist collage20 nap481 necklace18791 obligatory apple453 one eye closed30728 open mouth145844 pants14548 pond866 ponyville documentary5 prone25520 rainbow flat1121 scarf23252 self ponidox8108 shipping200249 simple background393369 sleeping23451 smiling248459 snow13781 snowfall4462 solo1064203 solo female179802 straw1970 sweet apple acres2964 swimsuit28274 talking5675 tan lines708 towel3683 underwear60839 water13253 wet8051 wet mane5178 white background97848 wide hips17199 wink24740


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Night Gaunt

Like I read in a comment before.
Humanizations vary.
Like Twilight and Pinkie, who are cute.
Fluttershy and Rarity, who are beautiful.
Dash, who is awesome.
But Applejack?
Applejack is one of the few who is smokin hot.
Since the Beginning  -

Most of them capture the essence of at least part of Applejack more importantly. #13 and #14, despite #13 being adorable, just don't say "Applejack" to me, but are good art irregardless.
Background Pony #E48A
I have a theory that AJ's shallow and valid characterization appeals to those who utterly despise being challenged.

How close am I?
El Sadzonka
Since the Beginning  -

Best ponee is best human.

In general, I find JJ's and megasweet's AJs the best — maybe not exactly in examples you have given. Amazing job makes also thelivingmachine02. Besides I like very much numbers 3, 11, 14, 17.

Nice job BigMax.
Fine Arts - Two hundred uploads with a score of over a hundred (Safe/Suggestive)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I was about to put a drawing by Sundown.
But the strong thing of Sundown's AJ are the hips and I couldn't find a decent image that could fit in a square without cropping out her hips.

(And, to be honest, I wanted all nice pictures. While Sundown's art is good, it's somewhat exaggerated and kinky. Even doxy's and Maniacpaint's images don't fit the picture very well.)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I have a hard time deciding between Sundown and Gomigomipomi for best AJ. I like both, but Gomigomipomi gives her the cooler outfit. Could you imagine Sundown's AJ in that outfit. (great collage btw).