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i dont think thats her brother anymore tbh
safe1991394 artist:punkittdev106 apple bloom56780 big macintosh31472 earth pony370562 pony1344431 brotherhooves social536 brother and sister5773 dialogue81704 egg4892 female1622073 filly86114 foal31098 implied crossdressing14 implied orchard blossom1 male467753 nervous sweat353 siblings15937 simple background510669 stallion155565 text77385 trembling857 white background133603


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Duck - Hates bronies, but is one. Go figure.
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aka Summersong
He’s a redneck, he just watched a buttload of 90s “white guy dresses up as a stereotype” movies. Wait until you see him try to pass as a kirin, now that’s a hoot