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safe1770000 artist:madmax1673 pinkie pie221847 rainbow dash240349 earth pony274502 pegasus316689 pony1029936 2010s100 2012697 bandage5921 bipedal36842 blue eyes5934 blue fur409 blue wings87 boxing1167 boxing shorts116 clothes482702 confident811 dark grey background2 determined786 female1418687 fight6333 gym shorts315 leg wraps199 mare511069 martial arts431 multicolored hair6107 multicolored mane1791 multicolored tail1368 pink eyes786 pink fur101 pink mane978 pink tail267 rainbow hair2629 rainbow tail310 serious1225 shadow4514 shorts14754 smiling266809 smirk13269 tomboy1168 wings126866


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

And then RD beats the tar out of Pinkie using a easy to perform but difficult to implement technique that turns all her speed into attack and stuns her opponent if successful.