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Disgruntled boyfriend meme
safe1994216 artist:beatlinked11 applejack189169 rarity204800 trenderhoof935 earth pony371681 pony1346953 unicorn456774 angry33109 canterlot6543 clothes567963 cute239489 distracted boyfriend meme150 female1624464 floppy ears65352 heart63326 heart eyes23735 jackabetes7309 jealous1398 looking back75461 male468861 mare629955 meme89428 movie accurate1645 open mouth202010 ponified meme1841 shipping232487 stallion156157 straight161654 trenderity73 trenderjack118 wingding eyes31505


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Background Pony #74B8
Well, Applejack is more prettier and better that Rarity! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)