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safe2042003 anonymous artist4063 sunny starscout15015 earth pony389151 pony1395138 series:anorexic sunny187 g549934 anorexia193 anorexic253 bed52390 braid8450 crying52139 eating12255 emaciated246 female1662705 heart65996 herbivore2348 hospital bed587 iv drip111 mare653136 solo1323346 starvation165 tail76185 tears of joy3185


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There you go Sunny, you’re eating your num-nums!
To the artist: don’t feel pressured to draw and upload at a breakneck pace just because you think you’re keeping the Anons of /mlp/ waiting. If you feel a need to slow down especially since doing this comic is apparently making you relapse, then you’re more than welcome to. Please take care of yourself; your comic will then, too.
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Been loving the use of lighting throughout the story. Seeing Sunny start to believe that she isn’t a burden and is worthy of the love of her friends is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside myself.
Great comic.
Background Pony #AA55
FYI: If you want to correct the missing hoof in that image, or update any others for that matter, you can do so by uploading a fixed version and reporting the original as a duplicate. A moderator will then merge them.
Thank you, by the way, for this sequence. I’ve been following it since the first panel and it has been very touching. Every frame was worth the wait. It warms my heart to see things finally looking up for Sunny here and I can only hope that they are also similarly looking at least a bit sunnier for you.
Background Pony #5690
A little embarrassed of that one. (I forgot sunny’s front hoof) and it caused quite a bit of fire in the forum..
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It’s already in the nomination queue. But, as the artist themselves said, it needs context. And maybe a little time so the artist doesn’t get overwhelmed.
Personally, I think it might be one of the best sequential art pieces this site, and maybe the fandom, has ever seen. And certainly one of the best explorations of this incredibly difficult topic.
Let’s let the artist work through the story though, without all the extra attention (and brigading) that can come with being featured. Being featured here has not always been the best way to celebrate a great artist, or a great work.
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Rice pone
Would any image from this series make it as a Featured Image, or too darkly? I personally think it has such a powerful message in beautifully simple package some people need to see.