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Background Pony #F958
They call them "night clubs" for a reason, I suppose. It's not something I ever thought about, but I find it amusing and cute.

Most of the headcanons I see referenced here are blackly humorous at best, but this one's actually cute and sorta semi-plausible.
Background Pony #14C4
@Background Pony
Here is my MLP Sabaton setup:
King Sombra — Vocals
Nightmare Moon — Bass
Princess Celestia — Guitar
Princess Luna — Guitar
Princess Cadence — Drums
Princess Twilight Sparkle — Keyboards
Background Pony #14C4
BTW I think it would make a nice Sombra X Nightmare Moon (not Luna because I hate Sombra X Luna, but I think that Sombra X Nightmare Moon is awesome because it makes a lot more sense and they just look awesome and badass together) song.
Background Pony #14C4
Having heard the song (Skillet is not my cup of tea and I don't listen to them) I say it's too light for them. What do you say about Van Canto (any song) does it fit them?
Background Pony #14C4
@Background Pony
Even better with King Sombra as Joakim Broden (Sabaton's singer) and Nightmare Moon as Par Sundstrom (Sabaton's bassist and founder along with Joakim Broden).
Background Pony #14C4
Inb4 Celestia smashes Luna's head with an electric guitar and the proceeds to play Sabaton's Carolus Rex as a duet with King Sombra
Background Pony #14C4
It doesn't fit her at all. On the other hand, King Sombra is the perfect pony to be considered as a metalhead and especially black/death metal and a bit of power metal.
Background Pony #B6FA
And in my headcanon she's a shut-in and smells bad.

My headcanon is best, and cannot be proven wrong. It's the mark of the best head canon.