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dead source19515 suggestive128246 artist:garam179 spike74893 twilight sparkle283012 anthro230889 unicorn267047 ass42175 bent over2861 blue mane656 book30688 bookshelf3074 breasts240239 busty twilight sparkle10552 butt27734 clothes409820 cute177876 cutie mark40814 female901012 horn43585 implied spike680 indoors1869 jeans3348 long mane2890 looking back49170 multicolored mane1172 pants12297 pink mane636 purple mane393 raised tail13307 shirt21296 solo974497 solo female168693 tail19388 the ass was fat12554 thighlight sparkle478 thighs8286 thunder thighs6495 twiabetes10277 twibutt4477 unicorn twilight12948 watch1202 wristwatch416


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With the trend of skinny jeans had twilight wonder if she was to be showing camel toe through her pants when on the lower shelf a book with the cover of spike was to have the view of camel toe.
Background Pony #4A0F
What happened to that clopfic on fimfiction titled “Pounding the Purple Plot” that used this as a cover?
Posted Report
Background Pony #FF03
Me:Oh uuuh..twilight is thee a book of…I don't k-know uhhh…
Twilight:It's ok I'll find a book for you.(walk's to the bookshelf)Let's see..
Me:Uuuuuh T-twilight.
Twilight:Yes (look's behind)Oh!
Twilight:I'm so so sorry!
Me:O///O It's ok T-twilight.